There’s more to Shrewsbury than being Shropshire’s best loved county town.

Shrewsbury is a wonderfully presented medieval market town, teeming with cobbled streets and timber buildings that date back to the reign of Richard 3rd.

If you’ve ever visited, it won’t escape your attention that this unique town surrounded by the River Severn is steeped in history.

Shrewsbury has preserved much of its original architecture and is famous all around the world for being the birthplace of Charles Darwin.

Its vibrant centre boasts over 600 listed buildings, including its very own red sandstone Castle, erected to watch over the town’s walls in 1076, to the
Shrewsbury Abbey, the inspired setting for the popular Cadfael Chronicles

More recently, Shrewsbury has become a town of great entrepreneurial spirit and investment.

Numerous regeneration projects have started to flourish in and around the town’s walls with more new builds popping up for rental and first time buyers.

According to Zoopla, Shrewsbury’s average property valuation last year stood just under £231,000 with semi-detached properties going for an average price of £202,014 and detached properties for £308,827.

Terraces were largely sold to the value of £176,923 and overall property sales were 5% up on the previous year.  Average rental prices in Shrewsbury stand at £563, with a one bed fetching about £400 each month.

Shrewsbury’s aesthetic beauty doesn’t stop at its varied choice of property and historic landmarks either.

Shropshire’s most visited market town is referred to locally as, the 'Town of Flowers', due to a colourful tapestry of plants visible throughout the year.

With excellent transport links and a rail line that runs through to Birmingham in under an hour, this delightful town has as much to offer today, as it has done throughout its vivid and varied history.

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